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Town of Chesapeake Beach MD

Thanks for giving me the chance to serve you on Town Council

Together we will be "Building a Better Tomorrow!"

Important News You Can Use:

1. PUBLIC HEARING on Ordinance O-13-8 - Water & Sewer Rates. Town Hall, 20 June 2013 at 7:30 PM.

2. Chesapeake Beach Council considers alternate utility rate structure. news article

3. Want Fair Water Rates? Visit www.

4. For my comments concerning the letter Mayor Wahl recently mailed on fair water rates click here

5. Recommend researching potential for privatization of our Water Park for 2014 Season. Click here

6. Proposed Planning Commission Resolutions:

During 12 December Planning & Zoning meeting, the Planning Commission voted to send a proposed resolution to the Town Council (probably for January Meeting). The resolution contains three amendments.

Ammendment 1 - To modify 290-31 Planning Commission.

Ammendment 2 - To amend 290-26B Zoning Administrator Duties and add new section 290-27 Administrative Adjustments.

Ammendment 3 - Replace Sections 290-23 Site Plan General Requirements and 290-24 Site Plan Preparation with new sections 290-23 Site Plan Review and Approval, 290-24 Administrative Plan Review Procedures, 290-25 Ammendment of Approved Site Plan, 290-26 Expiration of Approved Site Plan and 290-27 Administrative Adjustment, then adjust the numbering of subsequent sections accordingly.

The proposed amendments are contained in the attached draft version of 12 December Planning & Zoning Commission Minutes Click here.

7. Excerpts from Comprehensive Plan (Development/water/sewer)

8. Link to Town of Chesapeake Beach Web Site

9. 2012 Election Information, also election brochure

10. Annexation Background

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